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The Salmon’s Kingdom

You are now situated on the banks of the Grillagh river. ‘Griollach’ means a wet and mucky area and is the name of a local townland through which the river flows. The Grillagh river is used by Atlantic Salmon, which enter freshwater some 35 miles north through the mouth of the River Bann at Coleraine and make their way upstream in order to spawn. 
The Salmon is a very important and revered animal in Gaelic culture known by the name ‘Bradán’. The story of ‘An Bradán Feasa’, or The Salmon of Knowledge, tells of how Gaelic warrior Fionn mac Cumhaill received the gift of knowledge from this ancient fish. Fionn himself has a close association with many local stories and place names both within the reserve and on the local Carn Tóchair mountain. 

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