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Flowers and Water Meadows

You are at the eastern edge of the Drumnaph Community Nature Reserve. The two fields that lie on either side of the entrance lane to the car park are examples of the diversity of the management carried out here. These fields are very rich meadow habitats and during the summer have a profusion of flowering meadow plants, sedges and grasses that form the base of an ecosystem that in turn supports myriad of insects and animals that depend upon this rich and diverse habitat. Between March and August each year you can see many rare flowers that have disappeared from most of our countryside. These include the beautiful delicate Yellow Rattle and tiny white, blue, yellow and purple Eyebright. Both of these little plants have a secret, they are semi-parasitic, feeding on the roots of grasses thus reducing their growth. By doing this Yellow Rattle and Eyebright reduces grass dominance and allows other diverse plant species to colonise grasslands, in doing so they create species rich and wildlife rich meadows. No wonder conservationists call these plants the ‘the meadow makers’.

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